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Tennessee Native. Carpe Diem Advocate. Big Dreamer. Lover of Life.


In 2012, my heart began aching with a big vision to LIVE out LOVE in a tangible way. How can I create fun stuff and help people too? How can my love of painting, color, and design actually impact people with real needs? How can I get everyone involved? As the questions mounted, the answers became very clear. Live Love Studio was born shortly after, and with our BUY ONE FEED ONE initiative, with each item you are providing ONE MEAL to a hungry tummy in East Tennessee Appalachia, through the efforts of Second Harvest Food Bank. This vision is only starting to be realized and I am thrilled to see where this journey leads! Together we are truly making a difference in the lives of others, and I am so grateful! I hope what I create brings a fun and fresh light to your day, your home, and also the world.

XO kate